New generation hydrogen fuel-cell DC/DC converter Launched

Release date:2022-09-30Browse times: second

               In the third quarter of 2022, Foripower launches “FRF140 series” --new generation hydrogen fuel-cell DC/DC converter.

           FRF140 Series DCDC converter, adopting the latest generation of power electronic technology, has been greatly improved in the performance. With over 99% peak conversion efficiency,higher integration, 15% reduction in volume, 30% reduction in weight, over 10kW/L power density, the converter has reached the leading level in the industry.

           The characteristics/features of FRF140 Series DCDC converter: 

            1.The maximum rated power is 300kW, and the maximum input current is 750A;

            2.It can be connected to the stack by means of connectors or direct connection of copper bars;

            3.Foripower can provide PCU version as the top cover of the fuel cell stack, PCU is connected to fuel cell stack with bus bar directly;

            4.The copper bar design adopts a double-sealed structure, which effectively reduces the risk of stack leakage gas entering the DC-DC;

            5.With optional 0~6 BOP auxiliary high-voltage port output, with stack open-circuit voltage limit function;

            6.Optional EIS module for stack AC internal resistance monitoring helps system manufacturers reduce the cost of external humidifiers;

            7.It has the function of low temperature start-up of the stack to help system manufacturers reduce the cost of heaters;

            8.It has functions such as stack single cell voltage limit function and adjustable residual hydrogen discharge.

        FRF140 series DC-DC converters have a wide range of application adaptability, and can help system manufacturers reduce system costs, improve system power density and efficiency.


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