May 2018
           To develop the high-power DCDC boost converter (90KW-120KW) for 
           fuel cell buses with Automotive Department of Tsinghua University,
           and applying for a major research 
           project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

January 2018
           Fripower electric was invited to participate in the CES2018 international consumer electronics show.
October 2017
           successfully passed  the audit of Schneider and 
           honored to be its qualified manufacturer of on-board power system
October 2017
           successfully passed the audit of a famous 
           luxury EV maker and honored to be its qualified supplier of on-board power system
June 2017
           successfully developed 30KW DCDC Module of Hydrogen 
           fuel cell power system 
May 2017
           SOP of motor controller and 3 in 1 assembly
April 2017
           SOP of portable OBC (7KW)
April 2016
           successfully developed 2 motor controller platforms
           (medium power & small power) for rated power 15KW-
           110KW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
May 2016
           SOP of High Voltage Joint Box
December 2015
           SOP of movable DC charging pile (30KW)
December 2015
           SOP of DCDC (2KW)
August 2015
           The cumulative production of high-power charging 
           modules exceeds 1 million units
March 2015
           SOP of DC charging pile
July 2011
           successfully developed DC charging pile
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